Contact Information:

Sankar Bandi
3021 Scanlan Lane NE
Rochester, MN-55906
Phone: 507-358-1319

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Public Safety

*Build community by supporting neighborhood organizations such as Neighborhood Watch.
*Support other community organizations such as Boys and Girls Club, Diversity Council.

Fiscal Responsibility

These are difficult economic times. As a small business owner, I have experience in managing a budget, planning for the future, and controlling spending. I am frustrated with the way the current City Council spends money and I pledge to make responsible financial decisions for Rochester.


*I support commuter rail between Rochester and the Twin Cities.

Community Growth and Development

*Support projects that are privately financed and provide the greatest benefit to the largest number of citizens
The City Council recently approved

*Support responsible development of workforce housing that does not create pockets of poverty
*Encourage landlords to perform background checks on prospective tenants

Technology and Energy

*Support public-offered broadband access

Council member Michael Wojcik's proposal was dismissed out of hand by council members. Wojcik made the proposal after requests from many residents of his ward.
Two of Rochester's largest employers, Mayo Clinic and IBM, are leaders in designing and implementing the latest available technology. To remain competitive in a global market our citizens need access to affordable internet service.
The city's contract with Charter Communications ends in 2013, at which time the City's television and technology contracts will be reviewed. I will work for low-cost high-speed Internet as a public utility.
*Investigate and support environmentally friendly ideas that can make our city greener and save taxpayer dollars.

Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency

*I will respond to citizens' concerns and encourage open dialogue. I plan to keep residents informed about issues at the city level that will affect them and to get their input as to how such items should be handled.


*Rochester is growing every day. Many citizens, like me, come from somewhere else because they see Rochester as an inclusive community where they can raise families and build better lives for themselves and their families.

My background gives me a unique perspective on many issues. My experience as a computer programmer, small business owner and community volunteer will serve me well as I represent a diverse neighborhood in an increasingly cosmopolitan city.